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Supporting Programmes

Choose from our wide range of supporting programmes to ensure a successful event, tailor-made according to your individual requirements.

Contact person:
Ms Stefanie Lübbers, Telephone: + 49 / (0) 44 43 / 897 - 260

The heavenly countryside surrounding VILA VITA Burghotel is perfect for individually organized supporting programmes of all kind to ensure a successful event. Whether golfing or teambuilding challenges, the VILA VITA events team will tailor-make the activities and incentives according to your individual requirements. This way, every occasion becomes a memorable event.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the events team around Ms. Stefanie Bröker.Contact:
Telephone: + 49 / (0) 44 43 / 897 – 260

Here you can find a overview of our incentives and supporting programmes:

Our barbecue pavilion is located just a few steps away from the main building at the game reserve entrance. Savor a delicious barbecue buffet with a variety of specialties from the grill. Why not hire an entertainer with accordion to sing along - there are plenty options to choose from.

Party cabin
Right in the middle of the Castle forest, you will find our rustic party cabin. Whether you prefer a hearty pea stew, a rustic buffet or a warming mulled wine… we can make provide you with everything you wish. An open campfire is always a welcome addition.

Bicycle tours
The surrounding countryside is ideal for extended bicycle tours with your team. Our hotel offers 35 touring bicycles that wait for exercise.

There are two bowling alleys at VILA VITA Burghotel to round off a successful conference day. Just add a barrel of beer and a rustic buffet to turn the evening into a very special 'bowling night out'.

The VILA VITA Burghotel Dinklage is the perfect starting point for your unforgettable golfing experience. Four 18-hole golf courses are waitingto be explored:

  • Golf course Gut Brettberg in Lohne (6 miles from the hotel)
  • Golf course Welpe in Vechta (9 miles from the hotel)
  • Golf course Artland in Ankum (18 miles from the hotel)
  • Golf course Thülsfelder Talsperre in Thüle (24 miles from the hotel)

Click here for more information about these golf courses.

Our highlight: 'A Count's tour' in the idyllic Castle Forest
This is an outdoor event of the adventurous kind.
Our count will entertain you with the fascinating history of the Castle Dinklage. A quiz will finish off the 2.5h tour. And who knows, you might become our new Count of Dinklage!
Price per person including tour, welcome drink and light snacks: EUR 15,00

Well, maybe just relax for a little while ...
... on our lawn for sunbathing located right next to the game reserve or alternatively on one of the heated loungers on the top level of our glass pyramid.

Or would you rather get active?
The castle's ghosts are never getting bored! Experience a variety of sports such as cycling, jogging, nordic walking or hiking in the wide open spaces of VILA VITA Burghotel Dinklage.


Schweger Mühle

The 'Schweger Mühle' is one of the oldest working mills in Germany. Enjoy an interesting guided tour followed by a rustic buffet and live music in historic surroundings.

City Tour Bremen
Go on a city tour of Bremen followed by a guided tour through the historic town center.
Duration: 3h.
Price: EUR 150,00, excluding transportation.
If you wish, we can arrange a dinner at one of the typical Hanseatic restaurants to finish off the tour.

Museum Village Cloppenburg
A visit of the 'Museum Village Cloppenburg', located just 30km/19 miles from VILA VITA Burghotel Dinklage, is an absolute must see during your stay. Cloppenburg is Germany's largest open-air museum dedicated to the rural cultural heritage of Lower Saxony.

Of course, there is many more to experience and to discover around VILA VITA Burghotel and Dinklage. For example, how about an entertaining 'Landsknecht treat' (a medieval soldier’s feast), a staged parody of a prison meal, or a guided tour of the Berentzen liquor factory followed by a delicious product tasting. As you can see, there are endless opportunities! Your team will surely experience a special highlight and we are looking forward to making it reality!