Experience the Ocean – up-close and personal!

For over 35 years, Thalgo has been a symbol for marine beauty and vitality. Thalgo draws the perfect ingredients from the riches of the ocean for an authentic and holistic beauty and skincare concept. A team of dedicated scientists has created a wide range of skincare products that are both effective, compatible and in perfect harmony with your skin.
Trace elements, minerals, proteins, amino acids and vitamins - the sea and its algae are abundant in elements essential to our Thalgo products.

Close your eyes and immerse yourself into a world of marine beauty and well-being.

Treatment Prices in €
Thalasso wrap (50 min.) 60.00
Sea mud wrap (50 min.) 65.00
Moor mud wrap (20 min.) 22.00
Frigi wrap (30 min.) 40.00